Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Before you start planning your ceremony order, know this: Marriage is one of the biggest and the happiest moment of life that everybody should go through. It brings love, joy, togetherness, and pleasure in human lives, families, and societies. Marriage in Nepal is a family affair, unlike most of the Western countries. Every community has their own specific culture and style. However, they are more or less similar in case of Nepal.

In Nepal, marriage is taken as the unity of two souls and it is believed that marriages are made in heaven. Still, the traditional way of marriage is prevalent in most parts of the country while modern marriage system is getting popular gradually in the cities areas.

We provide a complete Wedding Reception package with a capacity to host over 1000 people. You are free to choose from one of our standard packages or customize the menu to your liking. Furthermore, Hygienic and quality meal with friendly, responsive and swift hospitality team is in order. All of this is complimented by beautifully decorated “Jagya” and availability of separate rooms for the bride and the family for logistics.